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Sign Edition offers design, specification, prototyping and manufacturing, installation and project management solutions including site surveys, scoping, quoting, advice and implementation in the following:


Project Management



Do you need specific signage design options? Sign Edition boasts a design team like no other, who will cater for all your planning, drawing and design needs to suit your sign requirements. Our team of designers are responsible for constructing a drawing, from a proposal, that will be used for manufacturing of the sign.
At Sign Edition we have an excellent Project Management team who offer an exceptional service. Our team will assist you from planning and will guide the project from start to finish. Each project within Sign Edition is spearheaded by one project manager, liaising with each departmental manager, from manufacturing to the installation of the sign.
Unsure of the kind of sign your company needs? Sign Edition offers a free consultation in which our professional business development team will meet with you in person. We discuss your requirements and advise on saving for long term maintenance costs. We ensure you get a high quality sign that will last longer before being maintained.
At Sign Edition we offer world class exhibitions organized by our in-house specialists. These specialists are internationally certified and recognized for their impeccable exhibitions. EXSA d in promoting and growing our exhibition services.





Look no further. Sign Edition takes pride in its printing works. We have the latest technologically advanced printing machines to date and we print on various surfaces to suit your needs. Signedition boasts one of the largest 3D format printers in the world, with incredible dimensions of up to 1800cm, the Massivit 3D printer speaks for itself.
Sign Edition has taken its spot among the leading manufacturing companies in Africa. We offer high quality signs to suit your needs. We manufacture various signs for any environment. Our team of manufacturers is divided according to their specialty in production.
Sign Edition has an exceptional number of 15 qualified installation teams made up of 3 to 4 riggers/installers whose work speaks for itself. We have a fleet of more than 20 vehicles and our very own in-house crane truck. No job is too big or too small for our company.
Signage is the first thing customers see, and it is signage that creates the first impression in your customers mind. It is essentially your most reliable form of promotion and one unfortunately that is often forgotten. At Sign Edition we have an expert maintenance team that rolls out major projects, maintain your sign and service it accordingly.


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Directional Signs


Windows Decals

Safety Signs

Light Boxes

Flat Cut Out Letters

Halo Illumination

Fabricated Letters

Digital Prints


Point of Sale

Fascia Signage

Suspended Signs

Vehicle Branding


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Sign Edition has a strong ability to complete projects of all sizes. Our success depends on how well we manage the process of designing, manufacturing and installing your company’s signs.

Our portfolio encompasses successful projects completed for a variety of enterprises. Our wide range of exterior and interior signage products include illuminated signs, non-illuminated signs, flexible-faced signs, large pylon signs, 3D moulded signs, and computer-cut or 3D-fabricated individual letters.

The extent of signage projects that we implement include large-scale corporate identity re-branding rollouts, on-going supply and installation contracts, full maintenance contracts, maintenance-only contracts and major one-off “spectacular” projects.

Our factory has a capacity of more than 2000m² and has eight departments, namely:- Sheet Metal Department
– CNC/Router Department
– Perspex Department
– Painting/Preparation Department
– Printing Department
– 3D Printing Department
– Wiring/Assembly Department
– Vinyl Application Department
– Dispatch Department


At Sign Edition we invest in modern printing machines with high production potential of only the highest quality. We continually expand and modernise our printing machinery to suit our clients’ needs.

With our CNC Machines it is possible to achieve far better accuracy and precision than from a human operator, giving an impressive, professional finish to all business signage. With our various CNC Machines, we can quickly and precisely cut your custom design from a wide variety of materials to suit your application, needs, and style. In essence, our CNC Machines can cut your sign, lettering, or design from aluminum, wood, acrylic, composites, plastics, foam and more.


At Sign Edition we offer high quality sign installation and maintenance services. We pride ourselves in having various vehicles to ensure the installation and maintenance of any sign goes smoothly and is on time. Our vehicles range from a dedicated delivery vehicle to our specialised crane truck.

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